Regal Assets Review – What You Must Know Now (Official Review)

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Regal Assets Review

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Buying gold is crazy right now.  More and more people are turning to gold and silver to hedge against inflation and to protect them against a collapsing economy.  If there is ever a crisis, you can’t go wrong with owning gold, as it’s the safest investment that will grow your wealth.  Another positive note is that gold investing is completely private and anonymous and very portable if you need to move it quickly.

Investing in precious metals is a wise choice, however it can be frightening not knowing which company to trust.  This review will open your eyes to a company that not only specializes in precious metals, but they take care of their customers like no other company out there and are very transparent in everything they do.

Regal Assets core focus is on educating you in the world of precious metals before you make any type of investing decision.  You can request a complimentary Gold IRA Rollover Kit from Regal Assets for you to get started with your education, which should be your first step.

As a matter of fact, watch the following short video that explains why it’s crucial for you to own gold now especially in these uncertain economic times we are living in, click the play button now:

I’m sure you have done your research by now and have even possibly considered investing in Gold Stocks or ETF’s versus physical gold and silver.  Well, beware of Fools Gold!

The problem with gold and silver ETFs, while they are not illegal or immoral may not be the correct choice for you.  Some issues we have found are that these ETFs are presented to potential investors as being 100% backed by physical gold and silver.  However, evidence is showing that some of these ETFs do not hold any gold or silver whatsoever.   There’s a lot more to this so we encourage you to do your own research to get facts from experts in this matter if you’re thinking of buying gold and silver ETFs.

The idea is that owning physical Gold/Silver is one of the best investments you can make and a whole lot safer than owning stocks.

Anyway, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s dig into this Regal Assets Review

Regal Assets Review – Who Are They and What Is It All About?

Regal Assets is a very well known company that offers individuals the opportunity to easily be able to invest in gold coins, bullion, silver and other precious metals from around the globe.  They are even endorsed by many celebrities.

Regal Assets ratings are unmatched:

  • They carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • A 5 star rating on TrustLink
  • A triple A-Rating from Business Consumer Alliance

They also have a 5-Star rating from, which is a website that evaluates and analyses a lot of different companies.  Not many companies receive a 5-Star rating from this website so it’s an honor that Regal Assets receives this high rating.

On top of all these great ratings, they have countless positive customer reviews on a host of different review websites.

Regal Assets offers several different investment “Packages” catered to your specific needs.  This company has a strong emphasis on precious metals like coins, bullion and bars.  Gold and silver are their primary assets, however they also offer platinum and palladium.

One major fact that makes Regal Assets stand out from other companies is that they not only trade in North America or Europe, but rather all over the planet, which includes the well known South African market.

Regal Assets Review – What We Liked

The first thing we liked and that we consider being extremely important is that their reputation is outstanding.  Another thing that we liked the most about Regal Assets is that they look out for your best interest.  They make sure you’re able to build an assorted portfolio of precious metals that meet your investment needs for security and wealth building.

They are great because they start you off with education.  They will provide you with a free kit that shows you how to invest in gold.  This kit is literally an in depth training course that covers the ins and outs of gold investing, from A to Z.  Contained in the kit you will find fascinating documents like the history of different precious metals and also information like WHY gold has been and always will be one of the best investments you can ever make.

The gold IRA kit will go in detail as to how precious metals can be a phenomenal way to prepare for retirement.  You’ll love this part!

Regal Assets representatives are very professional and not pushy sales people.  They will take their time to answer any of your questions or concerns, which will make you feel comfortable talking with them.

Regal Assets Review – What We Didn’t Like

One thing that we didn’t like about Regal Assets is that their investment kit, which is named “Gold IRA Rollover Kit”, is so in depth and can be a little overwhelming for some people.  They just give it all to you at once and you can become overwhelmed with information.  Not that that’s a bad thing!  Regal Assets totally over delivers.  Our advice is to follow the instructions once you receive the kit and take it in piece by piece slowly so that you can have a full understanding of what Regal Assets has to offer.

The kit is a valuable source of detailed information that will make your understanding of gold investing crystal clear, and the best part is… it’s completely FREE!

Regal Assets Review – Overall Thoughts

If you are seriously considering investing in precious metals, then Regal Assets should be a company you look into.  They make it hassle free that they waive your first year of storage and administration fee if you decide to have them store it for you.  Other than that, they guarantee delivery of your metals in 7 days of your funds being received and approved.

They charge a low storage annual flat fee of only $250, but like mentioned before, they waive your first year.  Most other companies charge based on the value of your account, so choosing Regal Assets can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Regal Assets also offers their investors portfolio management services, this way you can ensure as much profit as possible.  This feature alone sets Regal Assets apart from other companies.


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